Yozons is currently allowing monthly subscriptions for Signed & Secured using PayPal. To participate, you must already have signed a sales agreement* with an invoice number that shows an annual license to Signed & Secured payable by check. Instead of paying by check, you may choose to subscribe and have a monthly amount deducted instead.

** NOTE: There are no refunds provided for those on a monthly subscription. Your subscription will remain in effect until you cancel your service. Like always, you may cancel at any time, and your service will terminate at the end of your last paid monthly term. **

For monthly subscriptions, you must have a PayPal account or you will be asked to create one at the time you subscribe. If you try and PayPal claims the credit card number is already in use in another account, and you don't remember the email address you previously used, please call PayPal directly at 888-221-1161 to have them help you recover the account that goes with it. If you just forgot your PayPal password, they have a link to recover that on their main page at https://www.paypal.com.

Please be sure to provide your email address and the invoice number so we can properly credit your payment to the correct invoice. Simply select the service type you purchased. Please note that the monthly fee is exactly 1/12th of the annual amount shown on your invoice.

Standard Hosted License - 90 day or 1 year storage

Signed & Secured Option
Email address
Yozons Invoice # (required)

Note: For Washington State customers that must pay sales tax, please look to the end of the list for the correct WA-specific subscription plan based on your sales tax rate (let us know if your plan/tax rate is not listed).

* Yozons' online invoicing always keeps your credit card data secure.

If you previously created a monthly subscription to Signed & Secured with PayPal, you can use this button to take you to your PayPal subscriptions for Yozons where you can cancel the selected service. Yozons will terminate your service at the end of the last paid monthly term. Please ensure you have downloaded all messages you need before they expire and are deleted.